To provide competitive and recreational basketball for 1st grade to 8th grade.

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2016 Travel Tryout Announcements

The Evaluations for 2016 Travel Tryouts for the Northborough Youth Basketball Teams have been completed. Team Announcements are below as most of the teams have been finalized.


The NYBA takes our selection process seriously. We have multiple Evaluators and Emeritus members at tryouts. We try to have as many travel teams as there is travel players and coaches.


We also know that not making a team for kids is difficult. We let the kids know that young players develop at different times. They just need to keep working hard and playing basketball and their time will come. This is an important message for any kids that do not make the teams.


For selected Travel players, your coach will be reaching out to you shortly. We need information on the Roster very quickly so we can set the season up.


Congratulations to 2016 Travel Teams in order by grade and players by alphabetical order


4th Grade Girls Red – Coach Doane         

Alyssa Yee

Anika Gupta

Avary Sullivan

Jessica Valentine

Katy O'Connell

Lily Maletta

Mackenzie Rafferty

Maggie Haven

Meredith Dane

Sarah Clark

Sophie Kopstein

Taylor Doane

Victoria Kelley


4th Grade Boys Red – Coach Willwerth 

Brendan Staunton

Caden Hansen

Chase Greenwald

Declan Mulkerin

Garrett Willwerth

Jordan Lopez

Liam Dunn

Lucas Cyr

Mac Oelkers

Owen Ellsworth

Thomas Boudreau


5th Grade Girls Red – Coach Hjerpe

Eleni Chacharone

Elizabeth Morse

Grace Herdman

Hallie Straight

Hope Pasacane

Isabella King

Jessilyn Baez

Jordan Lambert

Kate  Ditullio

Katrina Ghabour

Sophia Hjerpe


5th Grade Boys Red – Coach Breeze

Andrew Eiben

Dylan Clancy

Evan Chysna

Evan Moineau

Gavin McCabe

Jeremy Keene

Joshua Colebourn 

Kyle Daunais

Ryan McCabe

Tommy Breeze

Zack Mehl


5th Grade Boys White – Coach Lamburn

Cameron Senecal

Connor Locke

Connor Scott

Jack Pirozzi

Joseph Lamburn

Michael Cashel

Patrick Biamou

Ryan Blanchard

Satoshi Conway


6th Grade Girls Red – Coach McMenemy

Allison Silva

Amanda Brossi

Isabelle McNulty

Karoline Crippen

Katia McMenemy

Keely Scott

Sophia Fontecchio

Ty Hill

Zoe Oelkers


6th Grade Boys Red – Coach Adriaansen

Brendan Pemberton

Christian Adriaansen

Christopher Wittman

Harrison Stanwood

Joseph Russell

Jovoni Mobley

Matthew Marchese

Matthew Uzar

Nehemais Cruz

Tucker Gauvin


6th Grade Boys White – Coach Maggiolino

Anthony Lara

Ethan Macgillivray

Jackson Gamache

Jonathan Valentine

Logan Coffey

Mason Drew

Max Miller

Nate Maggiolino

Patrick Pacios

William Manning


7th Grade Girls Red – Coach Blanchard

Anna Grace Hjerpe

Brianna Boeckeler

Caitlyn Blanchard

Eloise McCuine

Isabella Lamothe

Jada Carter-Frem

Jessica Lambert

Lucy Rogers

Matea Rowe-Bond

Melissa Dai

Sonal Gupta


7th Grade Boys Red – Coach Stevens

Aidan Carter-Frem

Aidan Shupp

Beau O’Beirne

Cameron Shupp

Jacob Stevens

Jaiden Wilde

James Jankovich

Joe Keene

Sanjul Seth

William Morse


7th Grade Boys White – Coach Calabrese

Brogan Madden

Charlie Calabrese

Connor Lee

Daniel Allexenberg

Jace Capes

Jack Carney

Jack Clifford

Jake Despres

Jake Hudson

Josh Drake

Josh Kopstein


8th Grade Girls Red – Coach Lambert

Abygail King

Amanda Ares

Angelina Oliveira

Anna Long

Jennifer Lambert

Jordan Doane

Kate McNeil

Katherine Zhang

Laura Anderson

Meredith Rafferty

Morgan Potter


8th Grade Boys Red – Coach Marchese  

Alec Fiermonte

Brendan McCarthy

Ethan Cosgrove

Gabriel Matraia

Gregory Crippen

Ian O'Shea

James Stamoulis

Nathaniel Baez

Ryan Thebado

Zachary Marchese


8th Grade Boys White – Coach Uzar

Aaron Chysna

Cole Gamache

Colin Wing

Jeffrey Valentine

Jimmy Clifford

Josh Champion

Michael Adriaansen

Nicholas Uzar

Ryan Foster

William Lamburn


[End of list of Teams]