2023-2024 Season Coaching Signup

  • All coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators and board members need to fill out this form for our CORI check process.
  • All coaches and assistant coaches should download and review to 2023-2024 Coaching Handbook

Coaching Materials

Coaching materials, tips and recommended sites will be added to this page.  Check back often.



You are only allowed access to the gymnasium and assigned restrooms during your use of our facilities.

The equipment located in our gymnasiums is for Physical Education class use. At no time should coaches, players, and spectators be using any equipment located in any of the facilities (i.e. exercise mats, climbing equipment, gymnastics equipment).

Tape should not be put on the gymnasium floor at any time. If the height of baskets is adjusted for NYBA use, the coach should return the baskets to the original height for the following day.

Our gymnasiums are used for physical activity. Therefore, no food or drink is allowed at ANY time. The coaches of your teams will need to be diligent in supervising players, spectators, and parents to maintain this rule.

Coaches must supervise players at all times. Parents must supervise siblings at all times.

Our evening custodial staff has a great deal of work to accomplish. If the custodian makes a request, please be respectful of these requests.

Each school will designate a specific entrance for your use. Please respect these requests and use ONLY these entrances.

Cancellations for weather conditions or custodial staffing will be made by the school.

Any incidents will be reported to the Northborough Youth Basketball Association.

Your cooperation in addressing the players, coaches, and parents in a timely manner will be appreciated.