NYBA Financial Hardship Scholarship Policy

Purpose: To provide financial assistance to those families clearly in need of support to allow active participation of
their child/children in NYBA league activities.

Scope: NYBA shall strive to make competitive opportunities available to those children whose families could not
otherwise afford the costs required to enable participation. Our policy is to evaluate each case on an
individualized basis, factoring in all information provided to us relative to the specific financial hardship
circumstances as well as other factors such as the number of scholarship requests received by the Board
during any given registration period, current level of individual and corporate sponsorship support, and
current overall league financial status.

  • Process:
    Individuals must make the initial request for financial assistance by completing this form
  • Forms must be filled out in their entirety and must provide a clear picture of need and circumstances relative to need.
  • The maximum amount for scholarship award shall be determined by the NYBA Board of Directors.
  • Scholarship awards are limited to coverage of registration fees for the recreational program only. For children playing on select travel teams, the NYBA will provide alternative payment options to cover travel fees such as a payment plan which will be agreed to before the season starts.
  • Scholarship award, amount of award, and the identity of those individuals that apply for financial aid shall be considered highly confidential and only those with the need to know shall be so informed.
  • Scholarship recipients shall be notified in writing or email upon scholarship award and the amount of award shall be indicated in the notice.